Our Mission

Everyone knows that sitting on a hard surface for hours is extremely uncomfortable

30 years ago, Nevin and Lynne Paradise designed and built their first Sport-a-Seat®. They originally used it while sitting on the floor with several friends watching Sunday football on TV. As word of their invention spread, they began making Sport-a-Seat® for both indoor and outdoor use. 


Sport-a-Seat® is your own personal portable comfort zone

In the beginning, our main focus was on the marine market. However,  we’ve realized the need of comfort for people whose passion is rodeo and/or roping, RVing, camping, outdoor concerts, tailgating, etc. Our Sport-a-Seat® provides independent back support and cushioning to relieve tension from your back and soreness from your rear. This remarkable, unique and innovative seat can be used in the upright position, flat or in any of 5 reclining positions.

Consider the Sport-a-Seat® your own personal comfort zone and use it anywhere you need a comfortable seat. Sport-a-Seat® continues to be made in the USA with quality and dependability in mind. 

Bedford has helped accomplish over 200 of its partners’ major conservation goals. They inspire everyone to care for the planet.
— John Smith, Nature Conservancy Magazine

What We've Achieved

  • The original since 1986
  • Made in the USA!
  • 10 year warranty*
  • Innovative & Superior
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