See what our customers are saying about their Sport-a-Seat®

The Sport-a-Seat gets more butt time than any other seat on the boat. We’ve been using it for two months and it has replaced our West Marine ratcheting seat and our cockpit cushions as the first choice sport for sailing, fishing, drinking, reading and sometimes all of those at once. The seat is holding up to the abuse that we, the sea and the sun are putting it through. The canvas is as bright as the day we pulled it out of the box, the foam is firm and form fitting, and the frame still ratchets perfectly. Thanks Sport-a-Seat!
— Will M. S/V Paradox
Love the cushions! While sailing 2 weekends ago, some friends brought along their Sport-a-Seat cushions. We got to port and I ordered them immediately. We won’t sail again without them. Great product! Thanks!
— Doug K.
Back when we were outfitting our boat for extended sailing, we knew we wanted movable seats for our cockpit and did our research on the best one out there. Sport-a-Seat came up as the superior choice and we purchased three. Over our three years of cruising, they became a indispensable piece to our way of life. From using them as our main seats/cushions in the cockpit, they also get moved all over the deck for comfortable seating wherever we please, and even make it to the beach with us on plenty occasions. We love how they stand up to the elements, and after all these years plus wear and tear, ours are still going strong. No matter what boat we move ourselves to in the future, we know these seats will be coming along with us.
— Matt J. S/V Daze Off
Lynne, this is the 5th set of Sport-a-Seat’s we have purchased...we originally bought 2 at the Chicago Boat Show in 2000, after drooling over them for awhile. After using them for 1 year, we bought 4 more in place of getting cockpit cushions and never regretted the decision. We sold 4 with the last boat, bought 2 more to take with us to our new boat in the Caribbean. Finally, the original two gave out, and we are now replacing them. The knockoffs are simply not as comfortable, nor do they have the quality that your product does. We love them. Thanks!
— Karen R.
Dear Lynne, Coffee on my deck of my sailboat looking out over the creek and enjoying the eagles and ospreys...while sitting on my new Sport-a-Seat is just what the doctor ordered to combat stress and infuse relaxation. Thanks for a great, high quality addition to the boat.
— David R.
They’re not just seats, they are our cushions, our couch, our everything. Even before we brought the cockpit cushions back on the boat after our mega shipyard re-fit this winter, we brought the Sport-a-Seats aboard FIRST and went out for the weekend with only those. They’re all we need! We plan to take them everywhere when we toss the lines and sail south this coming season
— Annie D.
These innovative seats have provided the first TRULY COMFORTABLE seating in Totem’s cockpit since, well ever. Aside from the increased butt happiness on board, the easily adjustable seats use Sunbrella, so I know that pretty navy cover will hold up for years. Feel good: Support this family enterprise, a husband-and-wife team who are overcoming low quality knock offs from big marine brands while continuing to provide a superior product. - Behan, S/V Totem
We love our new Sport-a-Seats! They are so comfortable, sturdy and well made and they look awesome. The logo embroidery is really sharp and gives them an extra punch. We have had so many compliments from our dock mates. - Tony and Tanya, S/V Casstaway
Hey guys, we just got back from the Outer Banks and had to tell you the chair ROCKS! Nobody had one like is so comfortable and way better than any beach chair that you could ever get. Thank you. Thank you. I could be a spokesperson for this chair. It won’t rust so salt air isn’t a problem. Adjusts to many levels for comfort. So totally great that I just love it!
— Jean R.
The seats arrived today. They look great. I’m glad I took my friends advice not to purchase the cheaper knockoffs. You pay for what you get.
— Colin M.
I have to say, the Sport-a-Seat cushions are the best cushions I’ve ever used. We have had a pair for 15 plus years. We use them on our Adirondack chairs and they stay there 24/7 through all four seasons and all kinds of weather. They are truly amazing! I will bet you will not find a cushion that can equal Sport-a-Seat at any price. This may sound like a bold statement, however, its an honest one. Try one and see for yourself how amazing the are. And they are made in the USA!
— Richard & Jackie P.
I stopped by your booth at the show and mentioned how much we like our seats. In 06’ we purchased four seats but we still don’t have the boat but we use our seats everyday. Both of us find them better to sit on at night for reading and working in our chairs and on the couch for better posture and comfort. Of course we fully intend to take them with us once we have our next boat, but for now they serve wonderfully at home and at the occasional sporting event we attend on the bleachers.
Terrific seats providing of course you are still making them with the same process and same quality of materials and frames. If we ever need more I wouldn’t hesitate for one moment to buy them again. I was convinced these were sturdier and much better than cheaper versions. I always go for the quality as being the much better deal in the longer term.
Best wishes,
I just got back from a week of fishing in Alaska. The boats we use are 18ft. skiffs. They are not equipped with seats. In the past, I have not only returned home with halibut fillets, but also with a sore back. This year I brought my Sport-a-Seat. Worked great. Very comfortable. We had four days of rain and the seat worked great. I highly recommend this product.
— Jim B.